Swinging Fantasies in Australia 0

December 21st, 2010

So are you a fosters drinking fair dinkum type of swinger from down under in Australia looking to make some fantasies into reality? Well, we can tell you about some great news there is a new swinging site to help you that we came across the other day. Its called swinger-nation.com.au and advertises itself as the lastest free site for swingers

This site is new and stands apart from the others, to start wtih its free! We know how all swingers like a bargain, but they tell us its also going to have lots of heart. Plenty of things for swingers to do like add their parties, profiles, pictures and more.

The scene is still growing in Australia for sure and spreading out from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – the UK pastime of dogging is also starting to take off to watch out!

Making fantasy become reality! 0

November 18th, 2010

If you live or visith the emerald isle that they call Ireland and fancy some swinging well help appears to be at hand! There is a new swingers website that caters just to the community of Irish swingers and doggers!

Excellent I hear you say! Well, whats more the site is free – I know, how much better can it get? :-) You can post pictures and movies of yourself, chat in the forum, or come say hello to everyone in the live cam chatroom. Its a friendly place so you don’t have to worry – why wait to make those fantasies become a reality!

Swinging Resources: Terry Gould’s “A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers” 0

November 19th, 2009

If you are new to swinging, you would want to access as many resources as possible to get to know the lifestyle better. Internet is always the best place to find these resources; there are several sites, including this one, that will be more than glad to provide you with all the information you need about swinging. However, I found a book that is a must-read for every swinger, especially couples new to swinging. Terry Gould’s “A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers” will give you insights on social, psychological, and cultural aspects of swinging.

I also see this book as a great starting place for non-swingers who just want to understand the lifestyle. Terry Gould published an article about swinging community before he published this book. In the article, he took a completely different, rather negative, approach to the lifestyle and he ended up creating negative public opinion about swinging community. However, this book is his way to seek redemption; he admits that his precious approach was wrong. Gould took a closer look on the swinging lifestyle and discovered a lot of interesting facts. These facts are exactly what swingers have been trying to explain to the public, that the lifestyle is not as bad as perceived.

Gould’s point of view in “A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers” remains neutral, but he did brought up several interesting facts that will help people understand what swinging is really about. It is an unusual book, but it will be well worth reading.

Swinging vs. Polyamory 0

November 4th, 2009

There is a big misconception about swinging: it is considered to be a form of polyamory or even another excuse to allow cheating. When compared to polyamory, swinging is something entirely different. Polyamory is basically an act of loving more than one person at once. Swinging, on the other hand, bases its activities on the fact that you love your spouse, and only your spouse, greatly; the sexual activities are just recreational and it will in fact bring positive influences to the relationship itself.

For years members of the swinging community have crossed to polyamory, and vice versa. The lifestyles, despite the fact that they are entirely different, are indeed very close in practice. Still, considering swinging to be a form of polyamory is simply ridiculous. Swinging community sees sex as more of social and recreational activities between couples, and that is the thin red line. Polyamory applies completely different principles, stating that you can love and have relationships with many people at once.

It gets even more absurd when swinging is considered to be an excuse to allow cheating. I’m not saying that there are no people out there using swinging as an excuse — I am fortunate enough to meet two of the who tried, but never succeeded — but cheating involves deceits while swinging stresses on openness and complete disclosure; again, a totally different concept.

All and all, swinging is simply swinging, a lifestyle based on love and trust where couples can have recreational sex and explore their fantasies without the risk of hurting their spouses or ruining their relationships.

Adapting to Changes in Swinging 0

October 20th, 2009

Swinging is a very dynamic lifestyle. Things are changing and they are changing fast; in order to keep up you need to be able to adapt to these changes. What you and your spouse are comfortable now may not provide the same comfort later. Even variations are part of swinging and you need to be able to adjust yourself to these variations as well.

Adapting to changes in swinging is not a rocket science. You have an open mind to begin with, and all you need to do is be sensitive to changes around you and adjust. If you see your spouse acting differently towards the regular swinging activities, try to approach them and talk openly about how each of you feels. By being sensitive you are allowing yourself to capture the changes faster, thus enabling you to adapt to it just as fast.

There are also times when you need to stop swinging, either for a while or permanently. By training yourself to be sensitive, you will be able to see these times early and act accordingly. Your spouse, or even yourself, may no longer feel comfortable with swinging; by spotting the trouble early you can get out of the lifestyle while both of you are still happy and have great memories.

Adapting to changes in swinging is definitely a skill that can be developed. Just be more sensitive to your spouse and your surroundings, and you will be able to spot changes and adapt to it faster in no time.

Coming Out: Being Open about Swinging 0

October 5th, 2009

Despite the fact that swinging has been growing popular the past couple of years, not all swinging couples feel comfortable coming out to the open. Being open about swinging do have consequences, especially with cons still affecting the general populations, but it is not without benefits.

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether your family needs to know. I’m sure that families can, and will, accept you for who you are and being able to talk openly about swinging to your family may be a relief indeed, but you need to also consider side effects that comes with being open about your involvements in swinging or sharing your experiences. Make sure they can really accept the idea of swinging even when they don’t actually get involved in it. The same approach can also be used when you plan on telling your friends; you wouldn’t want to ruin your friendship just because they think you are considering them to be potential swinging partners, right?

One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to assessing people’s thoughts about swinging is to leave materials related to swinging — journals, magazines with swinging articles in it, etc. — around and see how they react to it. If they are aggressively against the concept, it would be best to avoid telling them just yet. If they seem OK with the idea and can accept it as another existing lifestyle in the community, then you may carefully move forward and start being open about swinging.

Get-Out Words: An Important Gesture in Swinging 0

September 25th, 2009

Although very small and often neglected, having your own get-out words is very important when it comes to swinging. Swinging involves recreational sex with different playmates. Although you have done all you can to make sure both you and your spouse are comfortable with the playmate, there are some unavoidable situations that would make you or your spouse uncomfortable. That is why you need to always have an exit plan, and of course a get-out word to tell your spouse that you are not enjoying the experience without hurting playmates’ feelings.

Get-out words are also very important if your swinging experiences involve bondage, role playing, or S&M. You and your spouse need to be able to communicate when you’ve had enough or if the act is hurting you too much to a point where it is no longer pleasant and the most effective way to communicate in these situations is to have a get-out word.

Agree upon a get-out signal and create a plan to exit the situation. Consider possible options and situations for the plan and make sure both of you understand it. Keep it simple though; you need to be able to execute the plan quickly. With a proper get-out word, you will be able to signal your partner whenever you are feeling uncomfortable. You can keep the experience enjoyable and leave the bad parts behind. It is obvious that having a get-out word — and formulating an exit plan — is very important, and you should have one set when you are swinging.

Getting Comfortable with Separate Swinging 0

September 19th, 2009

There are different kinds of swinging. If you are familiar with the term “swinging”, you must have already known that there are open swinging and closed swinging. Open swinging is a form of swinging where every participant involved do sexual acts in the same room. Other participants can watch openly or do their own share of sexual acts. Closed swinging is more private, allowing participants to go into separate rooms to enjoy sexual adventures in private. What most people don’t realize is that close swinging is a lot harder than open swinging. In open swinging, both you and your spouse are in the same room. Say you are swinging with another swinging couple. Even when you and your spouse engage different sexual acts you can still watch one another. Closed swinging, on the other hand, removes presence factor from the equation. There is definitely a bigger challenge in closed swinging, and bigger level of trust is needed to overcome the challenge. You shouldn’t approach closed swinging unless you are sure that you can talk about the experiences honestly afterwards and maintain the highest level of trust throughout the process. You need to fully believe that your spouse is acting within the boundaries both of you have set, and you need to make sure you stay within the boundaries as well. Once you are comfortable with separate swinging, it can be very rewarding. The pleasure of telling and hearing stories about each other’s experiences is a turn-on on its own, and it can help you have better sex life even when you are not swinging.

Every Second Thursday 0

February 13th, 2008

Every second Thursday of the month, Jenny and I left the kids at my mother’s and went to see a ‘movie’. It was our time alone… sort of. What people didn’t know about us – me, the CEO and she, the legal secretary – was that we were swingers. We didn’t want to explain to people that we did love each other, and we were safe in the knowledge that we were faithful to each other. Most wouldn’t understand that even after a night with another couple, Jenny would come home with me – and the sex afterwards would be incredible. The things we learnt and did with others would increase our bond, not break it. So we kept it from everyone but those we swung with (obviously).

We had a couple we hooked up with fairly often. Both were professionals like us, and we got along famously. We’d always sit down beforehand and relax with some drinks – the ladies would talk sexy and there’d be competitions as to who could be dirtiest. Jenny would flirt outrageously with the other couple, both him and her, and then when we couldn’t wait any longer, we’d find a spare room. It always began with the women performing for us, laughing and dancing provocatively, and doing things to each other you’d only see in movies. Our rule was that the husbands would never touch them, but they could do whatever they wanted to us – or to each other – while they danced. Sometimes we’d take the other wife to a separate room, and the noises from the other room would drive us wild. Knowing someone was exciting my wife like that was amazing, and I couldn’t wait to do it to her when we got home. Afterwards we’d sit back outside and have a few more drinks – being professionals we had a lot in common, and this meant we had friends as well as partners.

Swinging Lifestyle 0

February 13th, 2008

Jim and Josephine had never visited a club of this nature before. Josephine had dressed for the occasion in a revealing black dress, red lace bra and panties, matching garter and stockings and black stiletto heels. Jim wore a stylish suit to compliment his wife and took her hand as they walked through the door of the hotel.

The swingers club they had found online had all they wanted. It was discreet, mainly married couples and every couple was required an HIV test before joining. This was their first meeting and immediately everyone was welcoming. A young man, Ted, took Josephine’s coat and led her by the arm to find a glass of white wine. Jackie, Ted’s wife, showed Jim around the main suite. The group had rented a floor of the hotel, as they did every month for their meetings. Something told Jim that Ted and Jackie would be their firsts.

The evening progressed, couples made their way to rooms. Jim and Josephine followed Ted and Jackie to theirs. They all undressed and settled into the whirlpool in the room. At first Ted and Jackie were kissing passionately, Jim and Josephine followed. Josephine then felt a tap on her right shoulder, she turned to find Ted kissing her suddenly. Her body responded. She turned as he began caressing her body. Jim watched as the scene unfold before his eyes. He was enjoying every minute.

Jackie crawled across the tub to Jim and kissed him. She kissed all over his whole body, tasting and exploring. She then positioned herself on Jim, allowing him to take her. As they climaxed Jim looked over to see Josephine climaxing at the same moment.

The couples floated back down to reality with Jackie and Ted smiling at Jim and Josephine. They simply said “welcome”.